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Benefits of Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy and Meditation

Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy & Meditation Techniques are scientifically proven to help reduce and manage Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Eating, Substance Abuse, Emotional and Physical Pain, and other conditions.

Recent studies confirm that Mindfulness Mind-Body Therapies are beneficial for those suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD.

Mindfulness-based Therapy and Mindfulness-based Meditation and Stress Reduction Techniques are also highly beneficial in helping one learn how to better cope, manage, and adjust to living with chronic, painful and terminal medical conditions.

Mindfulness- based Meditation when practiced on a regular basis for 20- 45 minutes a day is proven to cause neural rewiring in the brain. It also may strengthen the immune and nervous systems and cognitive functioning.

Benefits of Mindfulness Services for the Work Place

Mindfulness in the Workplace Training Programs and Mindfulness-based Meditation and Stress Reduction Workshops are an excellent way for employees to learn how to better cope and manage Stress levels, Improve Emotional Awareness Skills, and Strengthen Employee Relationship Skills, Conflict- Resolution Skills and Communication Skills. Mindfulness Workplace Programs have been proven to help reduce Employee Absenteeism and improve productivity.

Leading Corporations such as Google, IBM, and Facebook all have Mindfulness programs, teachers and consultants. Mindfulness programs are now being integrated into school systems and leading universities, including locally, Brown University. Mindfulness programs also are being integrated into the military and police departments nationwide. Leading Hospitals and Medical Schools also are now integrating Mindfulness programs into action. For more info on Mindfulness please visit the Links page on this website.

Mindfulness Meditation Services and Fees

Mindfulness Meditation 8 Week Group Classes: $350 – $400
This is a Committed 8 Week Class. (Sliding Scale available)

Private Individual Mindfulness Meditation Instruction: $150 for a 90 minute session. The 90 Minute Sessions Includes: 15 minute guided yoga/gentle stretching followed by 30–45 minute guided mindfulness based body scan meditation and 30 minute instruction and Q&A.

$100 for a 45-60 Minute Session:
Includes brief stretching for 5–10 minutes, followed by a guided 30–40 minute mindfulness based body scan meditation and brief short 5–10 minute instruction and Q&A.

$50 for a 30–40 Minute Session:
Includes a 20–25 minutes Guided Mindfulness-based Body Scan Meditation and brief Q&A.

Small Private Group Mindfulness Meditation Instruction for 2–6 persons: (Fees to be determined)

Mindfulness Consultations and Mentoring Services

Susan Hurd offers private and group Mentoring Services to Mental Health Professionals who want to learn more about integrating Mindfulness Therapies and Positive Psychology into their Mental Health Practice.

• Private Individual Fees:
$150 for 75–90 minutes
$100 for 45–60 minutes

Small Groups:
Fees to be Determined

Sliding Scale Fees for Interns/newly licensed mental health professionals:

Public Talks for Conferences, and Meetings: Mental Health, Medical, Health and Wellness, Local Businesses and Corporations.

Speaking Fees:
Fees to be Determined

Public Talk Topics Examples Include:
“Benefits of Mindfulness in the Corpoate World: Increased Productivity and Profits, Reduced Absenteeism and Improved Employee Communication and Relations.”

“Mindfulness Mind- Body Techniques to help improve Communication and Relations in the Workplace.”

“Mindfulness and Compassion in the Workplace.”

Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy:

How it is Beneficial in treating Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Trauma.

“Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy for Pain, Medical Conditions, and Stress Management”

Living Green, Healthy and Mindful:

Sensitivity Awareness and Disability Accommodations for the Chemically Sensitive Populations.