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Living Green, Healthy and Mindful and Fragrance Free

The Mindful Living Center does support Living Green, Healthy and Mindful. We are a Fragrance Free Facility. 40% of the Population that is now Fragrance Sensitive. 13%, 55 million, are now Disabled with Fragrance and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, MCS. 72% of Asthmatics are triggered by Fragrances. Many with Migraines and Headaches and other health issues are triggered by Fragrances. Therefore, The Mindful Living Center Thanks You for Your Cooperation in being Fragrance Free. Please Use Unscented Personal Products and Laundry products.

FYI: Fragrances can worsen Depression, Anxiety, Sleep Disorders, ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Neuro-Cognitive Impairments and other health issues. Living a more Green, Healthy and Mindful Lifestyle is known to help reduce Stress, Pain, Inflammation, as well as help manage Depression, Anxiety and Sleep Disorders. Eating an Organic, whole foods, unprocessed diet is known to help improve health and wellness, as well as helping anxiety and depression.

Neurotoxic and carcinogenic Fragrances and other products may affect the brain, cognitive functioning, and the immune and nervous systems. Fragrances, Plug-In Air Fresheners, and building materials such as new high VOC synthetic carpets and flooring, new paint, etc may use neurotoxic and carcinogenic chemicals in their products. Fragrances, perfumes, air fresheners, scented personal products, incense, as well as, many toxic chemicals, such as formaldehyde used in perfumes,, dryer sheets, nail polish, hair products, particle board, high VOC paints, carpets, cigarette smoke all can contribute in adversely affecting the brain, immune and nervous systems. Many studies confirm toxic herbicides and pesticides used on conventional food crops and in GMO food crops can contribute towards health issues and mental health issues. Processed foods that use artificial sweeteners like aspartame, dyes and preservatives are also confirmed in contributing towards mental health issues ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Depression, Anxiety and Sleep Disorders.

Leading Hospitals now are Fragrance Free, and are going more Green and Less Toxic. They also are offering Mindfulness Meditation and Stress Reduction Programs. Women and Infants Hospital in Providence, RI is now New England’s most Green and less toxic Building and is Fragrance Free. Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Mass General Hospital, Boston, MA also are more Green, Healthy and Fragrance Free. Some towns and cities now are implementing Fragrance Free policies for public meetings and for their school systems. Connecticut public school systems have now banned the use of pesticides and herbicides in public school buildings, playing fields and grounds. Rhode Island has passed similar policies for Day Care Centers, Pre-schools and Elementary schools. More Education and Sensitivity Awareness necessary accommodations are beginning to take place for Living Green, Healthy and Mindful.